By using the search features below you can retrieve descriptions of all the collections surveyed by the Project to date. You can submit a single type of search, for example, just a Keyword, or just a Repository name. Or you can combine search categories, for example, a Subject limited by Time Period. Your search will produce a list of brief entries for each relevant collection; you can click to expand these entries into full collection descriptions. Bear in mind that the Project database is constantly growing, as more collections are surveyed. So, a future search for any word, phrase or subject may produce different results.
For phrase searching, put your phrase in quotation marks, e.g. "Morris canal" or "urban renewal"
Search by keyword or phraseEnter any word or phrase and if it appears anywhere in the collection record, that record will be retrieved. To retrieve an exact phrase, place the phrase in quotation marks, e.g. "Civil War" or "Newark Museum" If the phrase is entered without quotation marks, any record where both words occur (individually or together) will be retrieved. It is a good idea to begin by searching the simplest and most distinctive element of your search: Addonizio, rather than "Hugh Addonizio" or "Mayor Addonizio"; Presbyterian, rather than "Presbyterian Church" Note that you can limit and refine any keyword search by selecting a time period or repository from the lists below.
Search by title word or phraseEvery collection described by the Newark Archives Project the Newark has a title. Whenever possible the Project uses the title assigned by the repository where the collection is located; we create titles when none has been assigned. If you are looking for a particular collection and you know, or think you know, its title, you can search a word or phrase from the title. If you know the location of the collection, you may want to limit your search by selecting a repository. This search is more precise than a keyword search. If you get 0 results, try your search again as a keyword search.
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