Newark History Society

The Newark History Society (NHS), founded in 2002, presents public programs and encourages research on all aspects of Newark history. The site includes membership information, announcements, and the texts of selected presentations given at NHS meetings.

The Newark Experience

By far the most comprehensive research guide to books, articles, published reports, and digitized material on Newark, past and present. Created by Natalie Borisovets of the Reference Department of Rutgers-Newark's Dana Library, the site includes sections on Newark history, geography and maps, architecture and landmarks, newspapers, politics and government, immigration and ethnic groups, arts, transportation, housing, schools, and other subjects. In many cases links to digital versions of books, articles, documents, and audio-visual materials are provided.

Old Newark

This site, hosted by the Old Newark Group and its Webmaster, Glenn Geisheimer, presents both original source material and links to other sources of data on Newark history. The site contains a "Memories" section, with several hundred original essays and recollections by Newark residents; more than 7,000 historic photographs and graphics, reproduced from many sources; and a bibliography. Other pages provide locations of census data, vital records, directories, military records, and immigration records, and links to digital versions, where available.

Newark by the Numbers

Rutgers University-Newark's Research Guide to sources of statistical information on Newark. Data, mostly from recent federal government sources, on age, births, business establishments, construction, crime, deaths, earnings, education, elections, employment, finance, government, health, households, housing, income, labor force, manufactures, population, poverty, race and Hispanic origin, social services, etc.

1967 Riots

An authoritative site for the comparative study of the 1967 Newark and Detroit riots. The site includes history, lists of victims and witnesses, maps, videos, photos, and bibliography. Created for Rutgers University by Dr. Max Herman.

Finding Information on Newark Architecture

Created and maintained by Maya Gervits of the Littman Architectural Library at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) thus research guide provides step by step instruction in the basics of doing architectural research. It also links to NJIT's "Digital Archive of Newark Architecture," which offers detailed illustrated entries on individual historic buildings in Newark and a wealth of bibliographic and related material. The "Articles" sub-page, for example, includes the voluminous nomination forms for Newark buildings on the National Register of Historic Places; the forms were digitized from copies in the Newark Public Library's Donald Dust Collection. Note: some illustrations and full-text articles on the site are password protected.

The New Jersey Digital Highway

A "one-stop-shop" for New Jersey History and culture, this collaborative project of Rutgers University Libraries, the New Jersey State Library, the New Jersey Division of Archives and Records Management, the New Jersey Historial Society, and the American Labor Museum/Botto House presents a wide range of information and resources for teachers, students, and the general public. The heart of the site, its digital collections contributed by cultural institutions, large and small, across the state, includes more than 500 photographs and documents relating to Newark. Among them are materials from the Newark Public Library's 2002 exhibit, "Remembering Newark's Greeks: An American Odyssey" and selected images from the New Jersey Historical Society's William F. Cone Photograph Collection.


This site was created by J. Bennett, who offers history and architectural tours of Newark. The site includes many brief well-illustrated essays and bibliographies on notable Newark neighborhoods, buildings, cemeteries, parks, public statuary, and related topics.