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Research/Background Files and Index Volume (1970s - ca. 2012)
RepositoryIronbound Environmental Justice History and Resource Center
Size1 file cabinet and 1 oversize volume
Collection Description
Research/Background Files, stored in a file cabinet, consist of files on environmental issues of concern to residents of the Ironbound section of Newark, as well as material on the history and administration of environmental activist groups in the neighborhood (such as the Ironbound Committee against Toxic Waste) and on campaigns, publicity efforts, demonstrations, hearings, conferences, and other public events. Contents include administrative files of Arnold Cohen of the Ironbound Committee against Toxic Waste (ICATW) and other activists, flyers and notices, press releases and informational statements, agendas and meeting minutes, local and national environmental newsletters, clippings, reports, journal articles, and general reference material. There is correspondence in the files from local church leaders, principals and teachers, public officials, local and national environmental activists and researchers, and members of the general public. In some cases the material has been photocopied, and originals are held at the office of the Ironbound Community Corporation.

The Index Volume (oversize) provides an overview of the topics covered by the archive, and a color-coded index to the extensive research and background files. The volume is divided into 25 "chapters" consisting of display pages with reproductions of sample documents illustrating the most important issues covered in the research files. The first section, or chapter, "Fighting Pollution in the Ironbound," is a general introduction to the history of environmental activism in the neighborhood; other chapters address specific issues, such as high levels of dioxin at the Diamond Alkali Plant site, garbage and sludge incinerators, and other toxic "hot spots." A recent addition is a chapter on the Ironbound Community Council's work to support the creation of Riverbank Park, including material on the impact of Hurricane Sandy in the Ironbound neighborhood. The chapters are arranged in roughly chronological order, concluding with one entitled "The Struggle Continues." The index volume is largely composed of articles from "Ironbound Voices," a tri-lingual newspaper produced by the Ironbound Community Corporation. ("Ironbound Voices," 1980-2001, is available on microfilm at the Cummings NJ Room of the Newark Public Library).

The volume ends with a color-coded index list (presented in English, Spanish, and Portuguese); each topical chapter is assigned a color, and research/background files in the file-drawers are labeled with matching colors. The Index Volume is designed to make the archive self-explanatory and easily accessible, even if no staff member is present.
FormatTextual materials
SubjectsEducation; Industry / Manufacturing; Medicine / Public Health; Politics and Government; Science / Invention
Time Periods20th Century; 21st Century
LanguagesEnglish; Polish; Russian
Access policyOpen for research