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DVD Collection (1984 - 2012)
RepositoryIronbound Environmental Justice History and Resource Center
Sizeca. 30 DVD's
Collection Description
The IEJHRC collection of DVD's includes produced documentaries on environmental issues. television programs, footage of demonstrations and meetings, oral history interviews, and informal interviews. DVD's are in English unless otherwise noted. Most were filmed in Newark or are directly related to Newark issues, but the collection also includes a few DVD's of general interest on environmental concerns. The archive plans to make some of the DVD's available online in the near future.
Collection Contents
A complete annotated inventory of DVD's is available at the archive. The collection is divided into several groups, as follows:

Environmental Issues, General (DVD's #1-10): #1, early excerpt of a television show in which several members of the Ironbound Committee against Toxic Waste (ICATW) express opposition to construction of a hazardous chemical incinerator (early 1980s); #2, DEP Public Hearing at Essex County College, with testimony again construction of a garbage incinerator (1984); #3, "To Burn or Not to Burn," by Greg Calbi and Marti Castello (Mar 1989), #4, Demonstration against the World's Largest Sludge Incinerator, footage of an ICATW demo against the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission (Aug 1989); #5, "Pointless Pollution," a film made by the ICC and the NJ Conservation Foundation, aimed at elementary school students (1990); #6, "Newark the Global City: Recycling Program," television program (1990); #7, "Newark on the Line, with Mark Crumpton: Incineration in the East Ward," panel discussion with opposing views, including members of ICATW (Arnold Cohen, etc., ) (1990); #8 "Ironbound: Fighting to Breathe," a short film made for the ICATW, an overview of toxic waste problems in the neighborhood , including a resident, Mr. Morgado, speaking in Portuguese (subtitled, 1991); #9, "First Citizens Conference on Dioxin: Overview," the introductory tape of a 9-part series produced by Dr. Paul Connette, a dioxin expert who often assisted the ICATW (1992); #10, "Brick City," episodes of the television program, featuring segments on mushrooming development in the Ironbound and asthma in the Ironbound (2000)

"Ironbound Insights" Television Programs (DVD's #11-21). The program was produced for Cablevision community viewing channels by Vic De Luca, Director of the Ironbound Community Corporation. This series of DVD's includes complete programs, excerpts, and footage that was later edited for inclusion in programs. Contents are as follows: #11, ICATW dioxin discussion (Madelyn Hoffman, Maria Durkin, Dr. Theodore Goldfarb) and tenants' rights (Nancy Zak, Frank Hutchins) (Jan 1984); #12, Ironbound Theatre and dioxin update (Tim Haley, Bob Cartwright) (Jun 1984); #13, incinerator protest, Wilson Ave. Bathhouse, peace project, ambulance squad, housing conference, firehouse victory interviews (Rev. David Burgess, Vic De Luca, Donald Tucker, Frank Hutchins, et al.) (edit tape, Jun 1984); #14, ICC 15-Year Celebration, edit tape? (1984?); #15, property taxes and Thomas St. update (Robert Cartwright, Joe Nardone, Arnold Cohen, Roger Watson) (Aug 1984); #16, dinner dance fundraiser for ICATW and Newark Emergency Services for Families (Nov 1984); #17, ICC Talent Show, Home friends Program, update on incinerator (Bob Cartwright, Lois Gibbs, June Kruszewski) (May 1985); #18, incinerator rally at Wolff Church, victory rally re: firehouse, etc., edit tape (1978?); #19, debate on Newark public housing (Councilman Carrino, Ramon Rivera, Council Donald Tucker, Vic De Luca) (Mar 1988); #20, Terrell Homes-Youth for Action, Ironbound Theatre, Newark Literacy Campaign, East Side women's soccer coach (May 1988); #21, Newark Artist Fred Byrd, Wilson Avenue Bathhouse demolition update, condo conversion in Newark (Aug 1988)

Oral History Interviews (DVD's #25-30): This series is described in a separate entry entitled, "Oral History Collection."

Miscellaneous Additional Tapes (DVD's #31-34): #31, "Llosgydd Merthyr," BBC Wales program on garbage incineration, featuring footage in Newark (in Welsh, with English subtitles); #32, testimony before the Congressional Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on ports and goods movement; #33, "Electronic Waste (E-Waste)," My 9 news reports, re: Newark; #34, "Revitalizing East Ferry," The Brownfields Area-Wide Planning Program (fall of 2012)
FormatsDigital materials; Moving images
SubjectsIndustry / Manufacturing; Media / Broadcasting; Medicine / Public Health; Property / Urban Development; Theater / Performing Arts
Time Periods20th Century; 21st Century
LanguagesEnglish; Polish
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