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Newark Public Health Collection (ca. 1850 - 2015)
RepositoryNewark Public Library, Charles F. Cummings New Jersey Information Center
Collection IDMG Nwk Health
Size4 boxes
Collection Description
This artificial collection contains miscellaneous documents and materials relating to hospitals, public health, and individual healthcare practitioners in Newark.
Collection Contents
Box 1 contains the following folders:

"Beth Israel Hospital": includes the terms of the merger between Beth Israel and the Newark Maternity Hospital (1931); a dedication program (1908); the hospital's 6th Annual Report (1937); Journal of the Newark Beth Israel Hospital (Oct 1960 issue); and "Born at the Beth," a commemorative enrollment kit, with some history of the hospital (ca. 1995?)

"Medical Practice and Hospital Development in Newark, 1850-1887, as reported in the Newark Daily Advertiser" (3 folders): typewritten extracts of articles compiled by Samuel Berg, MD (ca. 1940)

"Coit, H.": includes reprints of articles and circulars by Henry Leber Coit, MD (1854-1817), President of the New Jersey State Pediatric Society and Medical Director of the Babies Hospital in Newark. The material is mostly related to Medical Milk Commissions and the prevention of infant and child mortality (1893-1916).

"College Hospital": contains a program for the dedication of the hospital, at 100 Bergen St.(May 10, 1979); a newsletter, "Welcome to College Hospital" (1979); and a letter to Dr. Samuel Berg regarding his collection of material on the hospital (1979)

"Newark City Hospital" (2 folders): First folder contains "Letters Relating to Newark City Hospital," written to Dr. Samuel Berg by Harry Moran (1877-1947, an orderly who worked closely with Dr. Harrison Martland) regarding interns, staff, and incidents at the City Hospital; "Memoirs of Newark City Hospital, 1895-1896 Internship," by Dr. Robert F. Ives (with a letter to Dr. Samuel Berg) including lists of ingredients for various prescriptions, and brief reminiscences of doctors and staff (1941); and "Organization and Rules of the Medical Board, and of the House Staff of City Hospital" (ca. 1924). Second folder contains drafts of a paper by Dr. Samuel Berg, with descriptions of various Newark hospital buildings (1978).

[Newark] "Department of Health": contains circulars, forms, questionnaires, and directives regarding vaccines, the milk supply, and contagious diseases, including scarlet fever, typhoid fever, tuberculosis, and pertussis; some of the material is in Italian, German, and Yiddish. (1894-ca. 1910s) NOTE: Some material in this folder is extremely fragile; handle with care.

"Newark Health Committee Report": contains three reports to the Common Council from G. Doremus, and G. Grant, health commissioners, regarding a cholera epidemic, and two lists of victims of the epidemic. The reports cite streets and properties where outbreaks have occurred, and measures taken by the City to contain the epidemic (Sep 1854). The lists include the name, date of death, gender, age, marital status, residence, and country of origin of 40 cholera victims (Aug 16-22, 1854).

"International Center for Public Health," at University Heights Science Park: packet of items from its opening program (1997)

Box 2 contains the following folders and scrapbook:

Health Facts about Newark, typescript (photocopy), collected by the Greater Newark Council of Churches

"Improving Urban Health": letter and press release re: a study of the Clinton Hill section of Nwk, done by the National Partnership for Social Enterprise, Morristown (2000)

Three folders of prescriptions, many issued by Newark doctors or Newark pharmacies (ca. 1850s-1900)

"Miscellaneous" (3 folders): including, among other materials, examination questions for nurses graduating from the Newark City Hospital (1902-1904); a brochure entitled "The Care of the Baby," distributed by Babies Hospital and attributed to Dr. Henry L. Coit (ca. 1894); Martland Medical Center anniversary pamphlet (1978) and dedication program (1954); St. Michael's Hospital annual ball invitation (1978) and building campaign donor list (ca. 1941); a flyer for an AIDs memorial service (1990); and reprints, articles, advertisements, and clippings relating to various remedies, medicines, and cures (ca. 1880s-1890s)

"Bethany Presbyterian Hospital Scrapbook," a scrapbook containing photocopies of articles and photographs relating to the history of the hospital (ca. 1909-1980)

"Manuscripts," includes a survey of medical library services in Newark (1954), and an outline of Stuart Galishoff's PhD dissertation on public health in Newark

Folder of material relating to the histories of Newark hospitals, including articles on Babies Hospital (ca. 1939-1983) and Beth Israel Hospital (1943); an article by Dr. Max Danzis of Newark, chair of the NJ Committee for Refugee Physicians, on the Committee's work and the reception of refugee doctors in Newark in the WWII era (1943); an annual report (1947) and a history, 1927-1953, of Community Hospital

"Community Hospital Photographs": 3 photoprints, 2 exteriors and 1 image of surgeons at work NOTE: Community Hospital, located at 132-134 West Kinney St., was founded by Dr. John A. Kenney in 1927 to serve Newark's Black community. After Kenney's retirement it was sometimes known as Kenney Memorial Hospital or Booker T. Washington Memorial Community Hospital. It closed in 1953.)

Box 3: contains 3 ledgers and 1 folder, as follows: 1 ledger of prescriptions for various ailments, with detailed formulas for the prescriptions; 1 ledger [of Dr. Haring?], with index, lists patients alphabetically and includes names, addresses, conditions treated, dates of treatment, fees, and notes for each patient, all of whom are women and many of whom are from Newark (ca.1871-1882); 1 ledger relating to nurses includes signed pledges to remain in the Newark City Hospital for two years; service list of nurses employed on private cases, including the name of the supervising physician, the name and address of the patient or employer, dates of employment, and the amount paid; and lists of supplies received by nurses by date (ca. 1885-1904); and 1 folder of miscellaneous receipts, formulas for prescriptions, and notes on diseases, especially diseases of the lungs (1880s-1890s)

Box 4: contains 9 binders of documents relating to the sale of St. Michael's Hospital (2013-2015) and related publicity materials; and University Hospital, "Letter to the Newark Community: The Future of University Hospital" (ca. 2020)
FormatsPhotographic materials; Textual materials
SubjectMedicine / Public Health
Time Periods19th Century; 20th Century
LanguagesEnglish; German; Italian; Yiddish
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