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Newark Fire Department Collection (ca. 1805 - 1972)
RepositoryNewark Public Library, Charles F. Cummings New Jersey Information Center
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The Newark Fire Department Collection contains original documents, historical writings, and notes relating to the Newark Fire Department in general and to individual companies, and background material on a variety of fire-related topics.

Box 1 contains, in a folders labeled as indicated:

History: "Historical Facts about the Fire Department, Newark, N.J.," a typewritten chronology of major events compiled by Captain Robert L. Wittick (Newark Fire Department Historian); "General History of Newark Fire Dept.," an unidentified typescript; original departmental orders and notes, typed and handwritten (1939); typed and handwritten excerpts from books and newspaper articles (extracted by Wittick?); and miscellaneous notes and clippings

Fire Boat: "Newark's Fire Fighting Navy," by Douglas Eldridge (Newark Sunday News, 1961); a list of crew members (1931); rules concerning jurisdiction over harbor fires (1927); and clippings (1918, 1920)

Chemical Engine Company No. 1: notes on two events (1887, 1891); and running schedules (1936)

Engine Company No. 1 (formerly Hand Engine Company 1 and Minnehaha Exempt Steam Engine Company): chronology of events (1860-1888); notes from the Minute Books (1833-1840); notes compiled by Miriam V. Studley of the Newark Public Library; and miscellaneous items. Obituaries of William Camfield (1st driver of Newark Steamer) and articles on or by Charles and John Camfield were not found.

Engine No. 2 (Passaic Steam Fire Engine Co. 2): chronology of events (1860-1890); and excerpts from Firemen's Journal and newspaper clippings (1829-1835, 1852)

Engine No. 3 (Washington Steam Fire Engine Co. No. 3): chronology of events (1860-1890); "Secretary's Book of Exchange" (1819-1835); newspaper articles (1851, 1852, 1858); and log book (1902-1903)

Engine No. 4 (formerly Lafayette Fire Engine Co., Moses Bigelow Steam Fire Engine, Northern Liberty Steam Engine): chronology of events (1860-1887); and notes from Firemen's Journal (1835-1843, 1845-1847, 1854-1855)

Engine Company No. 5 (formerly Protection Fire Engine Co., Hiawatha-Harry Soden-Steam Fire Engine Co.): chronology of events (1860-1889); and excerpts from company book and newspapers (1838, 1851)

Engine Company No. 6 (formerly Columbian Hand Fire Engine Co., Franklin Steam Engine Co.): chronology of events (1860-1884); and motto (1851)

Engine No. 7 (formerly Northern Liberty Hand Engine, No. 7, Niagara Steam Engine): chronology of events (1860-1883)

Engine Company No. 8 (formerly Americus Hand Engine, Americus Steam Fire Engine): chronology of events (1860-1889), excerpts from newspapers, journals, and a book (1851, 1856-1864); "Opening of Fire House at Ferry and Fillmore" (original article); poems, "The Last Days of No. Eight's Rhyming Machine" and "Fourth District Run March 29th, 1865" (unsigned); and miscellaneous items

Engine Companies 9 and 13 (formerly Warren Hand Engineer Co., Warren Steam Engine Co.): chronology of events (1860-1883), excerpts from company book (1852, 1894, 1901-1901), and miscellaneous items

Engine Company No. 10 (formerly Jackson Hand Co., Lincoln Steam Engine Co.): chronology (1860-1881); and excerpts on fire activities, from unknown sources (1859, 1861, 1863)

Engine Company No. 11 (formerly Southward Hand Engineer Co., Steam Fire Engineer Co.): chronology of events (1860-1889), and miscellaneous items

Engine Company No. 12 (Good Will Hand Engineer Co.): chronology of events (1860-1866)

Hose Company No. 1 (Neptune Hose Co.): chronology of events (1860-1882); notes from Firemen's Journal (1852), "New Carriage Lamps" (1858) and "Neptune in 300th Anniversary Parade" (1966)

Search Light Company No. 1: chronology of events (1912-1916); General Orders (1924); and miscellaneous items

Truck Company No.1 (Union Hook and Ladder Company): record of fires (1867-1876); "selected points of interest" from desk journal (1876-1879); and excerpts from company records and newspapers

Truck Company No. 2 (Crockett Hook and Ladder Co. No.2): chronology of events (1860-1885)

Truck Company No. 3 (Hook and Ladder Co. 3): chronology of events 1881-1885

Truck Company No. 5: description of five-horse hitch

Box 2 contains, in folders labeled as indicated:

Chief Engineer's Reports (1851-1930)

Fires: including a photocopy of testimony re: the Turn Hall Fire of 1907; a small envelope of original Fire Department reports, extracts from newspaper articles, and an anonymous letter regarding the High Street factory fire of November 1910, in which many female garment workers were killed; historical notes and extracts from newspaper accounts of many other Newark fires, 1805-1904; and a chronological list of Newark fires, with details, 1966-1972, compiled by Beverly Foster

Parades (1858, 1866, 1887)

Salvage Corps (1951)

Fire Engines (1858-1925)

Fire Alarm System (1854-1933)

Fire Plugs (1965)

Company of Fire Wardens (1839, 1859, 1866)

Fire Horses (1900)

Fire Houses (1852-1967)

Fire Ordinances (1815-1883)

Relief (1858, 1908)

Exempts: essays by R. Wittick on early laws exempting firemen (who were then unpaid for their service) from roadwork, road taxes, local jury duty, and service in the state militia, and on the Exempt Firemen's Association, formed in 1857 by a number of prominent citizens of Newark for the purpose of assisting firemen's widows and orphans and purchasing fire engines and other equipment for the Department

Water Tower: notes on Newark water towers (horse-drawn and tractor-drawn) and instructions for operation of a tower (undated)

Museum and Historical Celebrations: mostly material relating to the establishment of the Newark Fire Department Historical Association's museum in the Marcus Ward Carriage House at the Newark Museum and to the official designation of Captain Robert L. Wittig as Fire Department Historian (1966-1967)

Firemen: notes on and sketches of prominent members of the Department, including J. H. (Harry) Landell and D. J. Camfield; lists of Department personnel; sketch map of the "Firemen's Plot" and monument in a local cemetery, with a list of firemen interred there including dates of birth and death; and a memorial program (June 13, 1943) for Fireman Tim Silk, killed in World War II

Newark Fire Association: Ted Vrana essay on the history of Hook and Ladder Company, No. 1(1965); and pamphlet, "Article of Association and System of Organization & Regulations for the Newark Fire Association" (published Newark, 1807; inscribed "John Alling's Newark Engine Book")

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