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Common Council: Committee on Poor and Alms, Reports and Minutes (1836 - 1917)
RepositoryCity of Newark Archives and Records Management Center
Collection IDBox 0226 and 7 volumes
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Location: Historical Vault

The Committee on Poor and Alms regularly visited and oversaw the running of the Newark Alms House. It supervised the provision of food, medical services, and undertaker's services for the Alms House; reviewed repairs and purchases including the replacement of equipment and livestock; and received reports from the Superintendent of the Alms House as to expenditures and deaths, from the Alms House physician regarding diseases treated, and from the Overseer of the Poor regarding the distribution of tickets for bread and allowances to needy individuals. The Committee also issued instructions to Visitors, who investigated the needs of poor families; reviewed bids for coal, which the Overseer of the Poor distributed; and oversaw arrangements for approving individuals to receive public assistance or to be admitted to the Alms House.
Collection Contents
Box 0226 (old label: #15) contains reports of the Committee on Poor and Alms from 1836-1896, including annual reports and other reports of the Committee. Included are: statements of expenses and special requests for funds; reports on individual cases of disorderly conduct, etc.; a suggestion from the Committee referring to "the general depression and almost total suspension of business and the consequent unemployment of mechanics and labourers," asking that meetings of citizens be held to discuss plans for relieving poverty, and calling on "societies of benevolent and charitable ladies" to help, 1837; a list of persons who died of cholera in the Alms House with accompanying report, 1849; reports on the condition of the Alms House; a report on the physician's petition for a dispensary, 1857; a report on Tichenor and Longworth funds for the education of poor children, with a list of recipients, 1857; and reports on the issuing of coal and bread tickets, 1895.

Seven volumes of minutes of the Committee on Poor and Alms cover the following years: 1875-1885 (this volume is wrongly labeled 1885-1890); 1885-1890 (this volume is wrongly labeled 1875-1885); 1891-1898 (The entry for November 18, 1895 includes a lengthy discussion of the case of the child who died of "Diphtheria" without medical attendance, as published in the "New York World" of November 18th.); 1898-1905; 1905-1910 (Minutes are typed from the end of 1905. Includes a list of employees with their salaries, doctor's reports on numbers of people treated and for what ailments, lists of expenditures, an inventory, and reports on cemetery conditions.); May 1910-December 1914; and January 1915-February 1917.
FormatTextual materials
SubjectsMedicine / Public Health; Poverty / Philanthropy / Charities
Time Periods19th Century; 20th Century
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